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Our projects in Romania

Romania is a country of great diversity. Numerous ethnic groups live side by side here. There is a high rate of early school leavers and children who have never attended school. Poverty is high and many families live in a precarious situation. Romania has been part of the European Union since 2007. Many Romanians seek work in other EU countries. Despite significant progress, especially in terms of human rights, issues such as corruption, racism, and social exclusion still persist.

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A small donation can make a big impact. Take a look at our projects and help us provide  a better future for children in Tanzania, Romania, Brazil and Germany. We supervise each project personally and are regularly on site. You can support us with a one-time donation  or a monthly standing order. The donations go directly into the projects, covering the costs for the lessons and the materials required. Help us open up new horizons for children, teenagers, and young adults.