About us

Musicians for a better Life is a non-profit association based in Munich engaged in implementing music projects with children and teenagers in social hotspots in various countries. Founded in 2018, we’ve initiated projects in Tanzania, Romania and Germany. The common language of music unites people of different ethnical and social backgrounds. Our aim is to build local structures and networks of musicians from all over the world and establish working with music as a sustainable basis for development work.


Children and young people who make music are positively reinforced and learn to trust in their abilities. They are proud to show these abilities when taking part in artistic projects, are strengthened in their self-esteem and learn a sense of responsibility. Music provides them with a path to a self-determined life.

1200 Children and young people who took part in instrumental lessons, choir and music theater projects in four countries.
10 scholarship holders in three countries.
65 Children and young people who receive weekly capoeira lessons in Brazil.
80 Children and young people in Romania learn an instrument at the Mufo Music School.
35 Children and young people are part of the violin class in Tanzania.

200 children and young people have taken part in music workshops in Germany.

9 teachers do voluntary work.

64 events, concerts, flash mobs.

14 Music teachers in Tanzania and Romania

75 Music workshop weeks in three countries.

70 students have participated in Mufo projects since 2018.

3 subsidaries: MufoTansania, MufoTransilvania & MufoBahia

Management Board


Anne Buter

Founding member I 1st Chairwoman

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Simon Mack

Founding member I Secretary

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Leon Kerner

2nd Chairman

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Mirijam Buter

Treasurer - Social worker B.A.

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