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We are looking for students who would like to volunteer in our music projects in Romania, Tanzania or Germany. Depending on the project, you will lead ensembles, give instrumental lessons, rehearse songs at schools and perform these songs in the form of musical theatre.

If you are open-minded, flexible, like to improvise, can get involved in unfamiliar situations and enjoy working in a team, then you’ve come to the right place. You can gain valuable educational and personal experience with our projects.

A stay abroad in Romania or Tanzania offers you the opportunity to get socially involved with music. You will also gain an insight into completely new cultures.


School in Altana and music projects in Gusterita and Casolt (as a team)

  • Two weeks in March (semester break/Easter break)
  • June (entrance exam week)
  • Two weeks at the beginning of August with music theatre project completion (semester break)


A. TASUBA College of Arts (as a team)

  • February/March or September/October
  • Piano, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, band coaching

B. MUFO Music School in Mbeya (in a team)

  • February/March or September/October
  • Piano, drums, bass, guitar, vocals, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, band coaching

C. Violin project in Arusha (alone)

  • February/March or August/September/October
  • Violin, viola

D. Dhow Countries Music Academy in Stone Town Zanzibar (as a team)

  • Violin, drums, bass, guitar, saxophones, vocals, band coaching


Get in touch with us (info@mufoev.de) and
send us some information about yourself and the completed questionnaire (see downloads below).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Eva Albersdörfer

Working with Musicians for a better life e.V. has shown me that it is possible to make music together regardless of language, origin, social status and age. During a project, it is particularly important to me to support children and young people individually, to respond to their needs, to listen to them and to boost their self-confidence. I have always returned to Romania with a rucksack full of experiences, memories and catchy tunes.
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Leon Kerner

I, Leon Kerner, taught four students a week for 45 minutes each during the semester. Initially, there were some minor problems with the internet, coordinating appointments and practice opportunities. From the third week onwards, however, everything ran smoothly. The students were punctual, well prepared and had access to the resources they needed. The content of the lessons started with a standard blues theme to teach basic concepts such as accompaniment, harmony and hand coordination. After that, individual needs were taken into account, with beginners focusing on a basic understanding of jazz piano playing, while advanced students were trained in improvisation and stylistics. I was fascinated by the dedication, conscientiousness and attentiveness of the students. Their eagerness to learn helped them to develop and improve their skills quickly. The semester was a great success for me.
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Maximilian Stoll

My name is Maximilian Stoll and I have been giving piano lessons in a Munich shelter for refugee families since February 2023. I mainly work there with children aged 6-14. In addition to the basics of piano playing, it is important to me to teach them how to enjoy making music. I was able to learn a lot about dealing with children during my work. The enthusiasm with which some children make music is the most enriching aspect of this work.
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Lina Bohn

It's not about changing everything. It's about giving the children something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It's about being completely open to a different culture, to the people and to mutual inspiration. I have come to Tan-sania every year for the last three years and have grown very fond of the people and projects. What I find particularly special is the strong sense of community among the people, the joie de vivre and the awareness of the moment.
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Florentin Kanzleiter

I consider myself incredibly lucky and am very grateful to be part of the Mufo project. My two trips to Tanzania so far have had a huge impact on my life and are unforgettable unforgettable experiences. Making music together has really built bridges built and boundaries were overcome. In Bagamoyo, we quickly got to know each other through music and the We quickly came into inspiring contact with the young people in Bagamoyo through the music and the development of pop pieces and were able to create unique memories through joint concerts. You grow together and meet at eye level, which was very important for me. In Mbalizi, I was able to immerse myself even more in the other culture and learn a lot from the people there. The aim of my work was to teach my pupils about the trumpet and music theory so that I could pass on my knowledge and my craft to them. These workshops are intended to give children and young people the opportunity to develop their own musical talents and new career opportunities. Respect and actual musical exchange have always been important. Spending the whole day together also blurred the boundaries between teacher and pupil, which was very beneficial. For example, it's great that I'm still in contact with the young people there today via social media. The exchange can also take the form of spontaneous video calls about everyday life or sending each other music videos via Instagram.
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