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Music school project Romania

Together with our Romanian partner association Musicians for a better Life Transylvania and the local schools, we founded the “Clubul de Muzica” project in 2022. Romanian music teachers teach children at various locations directly in the secondary school or in a cultural centre. The music lessons are free of charge and the instruments are provided for the children. The project particularly appeals to children who are struggling with particular social difficulties. Learning an instrument improves their ability to concentrate. It also boosts the children’s self-confidence. Through joint concerts and musical theatre performances, the children gain positive experiences and are also recognised within the village community. By making music together and passing on traditions, cohesion is strengthened, and a bridge is built across generations and ethnic groups. Through the project, we want to give the children the chance to develop their potential outside of school and become artistically active.

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Project information

  • The instruments on offer are clarinet, saxophone, piano, accordion, violin, drum and guitar
  • There is also a choir
  • The music teachers are supported by social workers
  • Cooperation in person with local partners is important to us

In planning

  • A new location will be added in 2024
  • Many villages and communities are interested in participating in the project

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