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Our projects in Germany

Since 2015, Germany has been increasingly confronted with the situation of refugees from war and crisis zones in various countries. In Munich, the majority of refugees are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, as well as some from Senegal and Nigeria. The political situation in these countries is very uncertain. Many children and teenagers are among the refugees. Most of them live with their families and many other people in shared accommodation. The rooms there accommodate between one and six people. Educational support and individual empowerment are particularly crucial to their successful integration and their transition to living in German society. This is also where MUFO comes in with its various projects.

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Please support us

A small donation can make a big impact. Take a look at our projects and help us provide  a better future for children in Tanzania, Romania, Brazil and Germany. We supervise each project personally and are regularly on site. You can support us with a one-time donation  or a monthly standing order. The donations go directly into the projects, covering the costs for the lessons and the materials required. Help us open up new horizons for children, teenagers, and young adults.