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Music theater project Romania

In the primary and secondary schools of several Romanian villages near Sibiu, we have been carrying out music projects together with German students from the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Since 2019, we have regularly taken groups of students to the villages and schools to rehearse singing, drumming, and dancing with the children. During the summer vacation, following an intensive rehearsal phase, they give a performance. With this project, we promote the children’s artistic skills and strengthen their self-confidence and team spirit. By rehearsing and performing together, we also work to prevent racist structures and to create a project in which everyone is welcome. The rehearsals and performances were a great success, and the best reward for our students are the happy, beaming children’s faces when they show off their newly acquired skills and newly discovered talents on stage.


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Project information

  • The musical theatre project has been taking place since 2019
  • Three performances in the parish hall and in the inner courtyard of the fortified church
  • Over 200 children have already taken part
  • The German volunteers travel to Romania up to five times a year
  • Cooperation with local schools and teachers

In planning

  • The musical theatre project also motivates children to take part in instrumental lessons
  • Workshops are also planned again for 2024

Pictures from the project

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