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Mbalizi Music School

The completion of the new Mbalizi Music School in December 2023 and the planned opening in January 2024 mark a significant step forward for music education in the rural region of Mbyea, Tanzania. In partnership with Iwindi Secondary School and other local public schools, the music school aims to provide improved music education for children.

The facility will include three music rooms, an office, and a small music library, representing a significant expansion of resources for music education. This structure will not only create an inspiring environment for students to develop their creative talents but will also allow for a more diverse musical education.

The collaboration with Iwindi Secondary School and other public schools underlines the commitment to comprehensive music education throughout the community. The school will not only be a place of learning but will also serve as a social hub to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote cultural activities.

It is particularly noteworthy that the Mbalizi Music School is the first institution of its kind of “Musicians for a better life” in Tanzania. The partnership with Mufo Tanzania demonstrates a shared ambition to strengthen educational opportunities in remote areas and to promote cultural exchange.

The official opening in January 2024 will not only be a significant event for the organisations involved, but also for the entire community of Mbyea. The hope is that the Mbalizi Music School will have a lasting impact on the musical culture and education of the region.


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Project information

  • Music school is run by Mufo Tanzania
  • Music lessons available for over 300 children
  • Trombone, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, drums, electric bass, piano and traditional dance are taught

In planning

  • Music school to be accompanied and supported by its own agricultural project in the future
  • We plan to establish a large choir

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